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We have supplies for travelers and locals: snacks, drinks (regular and beer/wine). groceries, fishing/camping supplies. We also specialize in geology, fossils, and historical items. We have nice clean bathrooms, and a picnic garden – open to all. We are near the Chinese Camp ghost town and will share knowledge of local history and geology.


Established in 1934.

Chinese Camp was established in 1849 as Camp Washington (or Washingtonville). Europeans found a significant amount of surface gold in the bed of an ancient river. A number of Chinese came to the town in 1849 or 1850, and soon it became a Chinese Center (Chinese made up about half the population) and the town was renamed Chinese Camp. The Chinese Camp Store was built in 1934 after the town had significantly declined (from a peak population of 8500 in the 1880s). The town, and store and are nice stop on the way to Yosemite.


I grew up in England, then Idaho, and joined the Navy after high school to spend eleven years in the US nuclear navy.  Following the navy, I worked at a physics research lab for 20 years and then bought the store with my wife in 1997.  I love history, science, geology, and paleontology and our store has a lot of interesting items in these areas.

What Our Clients Say…

Excellent find on the highway to Yosemite. Clean restrooms, and so much history! Come in and chat with owner, Richard, and learn about the local history, geology and fun facts. Cold drinks including beer, necessities and woven blankets. Yosemite hats, fossils and other great memorabilia. Set next to Chinese Camp ghost town, worth taking the time to walk around and explore. Peacocks running across the road, peaceful garden to sit in, firewood for sale if you need some. Hopefully you can stop in when Richard’s wife, Add is there, as you’re, will be able to get great food. They have free WiFi while you enjoy a beverage. We walked in the door and were greeted by their very polite young son. You need to come by and get the local history!

Mary H.

Manteca, CA

Richard, who owns the store with his wife is an incredibly friendly and helpful person! He’s also a geologist with extensive knowledge of the area. A very intelligent person with a lot to offer a clueless passerby like me. Apparently his wife usually runs the store but I didn’t get to meet her. All sorts of interesting knickknacks and archaeological items. I would highly recommend stopping in to say hi and to grab some refreshments. On the way out of town, swing through “Main Street” (I put it in quotes because it’s barely a road). Basically a ghost town from the mining days. Very cool stuff. Very friendly and down-to-earth people.

Michael A.

San Francisco, CA



Social (Dancing) Hall building

Chinese Camp is the remnant of a notable California Gold Rush mining town. The settlement was first known as “Camp Washington” or “Washingtonville” and…




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